Over 15,000 hotels in over 1,500 cities to choose from
Narrow down your choices by filling in your preferences as destination, dates, price range, room type, star ratings and other relevant information.


Only the finest hotels in each price category
Book the most suitable hotel based on its price and the information provided. The name of the hotel will be immediately revealed and you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.


You will literally save hundreds of dollars per trip, at times up to 65% discount.
For example, say you're traveling to Chicago and want a conveniently located 4-star hotel near the Miracle Mile for 4 nights. There are several choices so you choose one with all the impressive facilities and amenities for $138 per night. After you book it, you discover that it's the Avenue Hotel. For the sake of comparison, the same hotel during the same dates would average $251 per nighton the site most people use. You just saved over $550 for the four nights.
Hotels Discounted rates
Especially during challenging economic times, we all need to keep our travel budget in check. Making price-conscious decisions doesn't mean compromising on the quality of the hotel. With our Undercover Hotel concept, you can only WIN.

What's the catch?

In order to honor our agreements with our reputable hotel partners, we refrain from showing the hotel name together with the
deep discount rates, until after the booking is made.

What are the benefits?

The benefit is in the bottom line. You get last minute prices, even if you make the booking months in advance. In other words, you get a higher quality hotel for less money.

What are the risks?

Since we work with the most distinguished hotels, there are virtually no risks involved. If you are willing to see the name of the hotel only after you make the booking, you can rest assured that you'll be getting a sweet deal every time.

What information is revealed?

With our advanced satellite mapping feature, you can even nail the hotel's location down to the exact city block. With the exception of the hotel name, you get all the information that you need to make a decision: Detailed description, star rating, available facilities and amenities and even revealing photos.

In short, our main business is purchasing hotel rooms in bulk at last minute prices, sometimes more than a year in advance.
Undercover Hotels allow us to sell the finest hotel rooms at deeply-discounted rates.
It's really that simple. If you are still not convinced, click here and witness the difference. Next time you travel, book yourself an Undercover Hotel, save lots of money, and Smile on our expense.
Hotels Discounted rates

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