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Get an up close experience with heart-pounding rides at Wet 'N Wild and enjoy the splashing-good water slides, wave pools, and much more!
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Highlights / General details
Enjoy a relaxing day
Point of Interest: The Storm .
Point of Interest: Mach 5 .
Point of Interest: The Bomb Bay .
Point of Interest: Wake Zone .
Point of Interest: Disco H2O .
Point of Interest: The Surge .
Point of Interest: Brain Wash .
Point of Interest: The Black Hole .
Point of Interest: The Blast .

Exclusion (optionals)
Parking not included.

Hours of operation
Open Daily .

Redemption instructions
Print your voucher located in your confirmation e-mail send.
Take all vouchers with you to the Guest Services Ticket Booth on the day of your arrival.
You must redeem one voucher per person.
Guest must provide photo ID that matches name on voucher when redeeming tickets.

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